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Toronto city skyline during Polar Vortex, colorful pink and orange sunset sky, frozen surf



Born and raised in Hackney, London (UK) - Black British Creative Rachel Nancy is a project, sales and marketing professional known for working and contributing positively to many social projects in her community both small and large with a history for creating opportunities as a Talent Scout and Mentor to London's youth through pop culture.


In 2018 Rachel migrated to begin her Canadian Dream. In 2020 she attempted to go back into the music industry yet was forced to cancel two events for live music artists in Toronto and Montreal due to the pandemic. During this time she was asked to do Motivational Speaking within an organization where she played a key role uplifting and inspiring both men and women. Here she became a mentor and a voice for entrepreneurs by putting people in business and teaching entrepreneurs how to lead themselves.


In 2021 she was nominated for the Women in Business Awards and recognized for her leadership. In 2022 she started a social events group for British Expats in Canada which naturally took off and continues to grow with the support and participation of key active members.

Today she lives a quiet family life tucked away off the Lakeshore in Ontario, Canada as a YouTuber and Entrepreneur.


Find her building connections with like minded individuals, creating safe spaces for those who enjoy her energy and guidance or simply spending time doing outdoor photography.

If you have any questions, enquiries or would like to collaborate please feel free to get in touch at



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