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Colorful Blocks Spring Promotional Poste

Welcome to the Million Dollar Throne Academy!

Every time that you think about investing in yourself or your team you are moving the needle in your business forward so well done you!

This course was designed to equip two kinds of people; whether if you are a person making the transition from employment to the person who is already an active entrepreneur I can assure you that both people will gain tips and leads on remote work productivity, attitude to business and self image. You're here because you're a Boss. You either have a wealth, abundant mindset or you want to get there!

You are what is a true entrepreneur at heart and spirit. You never stop learning and value information and content that is valuable. I appreciate you coming here even if you are already on your journey. I'm Rachel Nancy and I originally built this course with my team in mind as a way of filling the gap between training and activity. We use it for internal use in our business and it has made a positive impact. The feedback was bigger than I imagined so I knew I had delivered the goods. I quickly realized that there are so many more people that would benefit from it from coaches, leaders and all kinds of MITS guys. What's an MIT? A Millionaire in Training! That's why you're here! 

In this course I added a lot that I had taken on board from years and years of learning through reading books, all of the note taking through every seminar and live call that I have sat in. It's very wealthy stuff. I just wanted to share that as a way of saving my team time.


Everyone wants to be on a winning team but to do that they have to show up to practice. I encourage business builders to show up at their training calls however this course is there to help add that boost, to help eliminate self doubt, provide leads and to encourage your personal growth. I took what I felt was necessary and put it in this course guys. So here you are my gift to you! Treat it as a pillow that you can lean into every now and then!


I am very happy to finally share it with the public so I wish you all the very best on your journey.

I will continuously keep adding value to this. The price will eventually go up because of this however what you're purchasing it as today is a set price. So your best bet is to purchase it now and if you know anyone in business who you think will benefit from this tell them about it too. This is an investment that you cannot afford to miss.

Take care, thank you and peace!

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