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Coco de Mer is a registered firm dedicated to helping you move from financial powerlessness to financial competitiveness and self sufficiency allowing you to work from anywhere! We work with a NYSE company as our service provider and educator so if financial literacy and income interests you, this is for you!

We are a platform dedicated to empowering you through financial literacy. 

If you're interested in how you can become an Independent Agent or if you are an Entrepreneur interested in how you can Franchise and have ownership - kindly send your resume via email to our team stating your interest or check us out


Coco de Mer is opening offices! If you have ever dreamed of having a business, being your own boss, setting your own schedule, and earning an income from anywhere that's based on your own efforts not what an employer says you're worth, then this was built for you.


With a market penetration currently less than 3% and a growing need for our products and services, the growth potential for Brokers and Business Owners in 2022 and beyond is massive! So if you are thinking of doing something different now is a great time!

At the very least you will receive a financial education for an incredibly low investment of your time. Learn how to apply those lessons into a business opportunity and you will be well on your way to becoming an independent agent at a Brokerage making anything from $500-1500 a client in one hour.


So get in touch and find out more about the world of wealth building in a distribution powerhouse and take advantage of earned business trips with a multi location corporation in American business where great leaders are rewarded. With access to astute leadership and a generous compensation package we have the best business structure on the planet designed for you to win.


Other perks include waivered license fees, events and paid training with a New York Stock Exchange listed company.

*Must be in Canada



Check out this quirky little video (we do not own the rights to)


If you're still interested and want us to contact you so we can meet email us or complete this form!

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