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Melika, Broker & Mentor

Rachel Nancy is a superstar and a tycoon in the making. I am so proud of her success so far. Her commitment to helping people and keeping them on the right track in life is something special. As the founder of Queenship, it just wouldn't have been the same without her. Her story, her drive and determination to change and transform her life and others is incredible. If there is anyone you want to follow to success - it's her!


Craig, Independent Agent
(Part-Time) & Teacher

I'm a high school Teacher and I love my job. Rachel knew that I liked Dave Ramsey and that I introduced my class to his lessons, also my passion for nice cars.

One day Rachel suggested that I learn more about finance and said that she could show me how to go in business for myself.

I trusted her and shortly after I was exposed to a financial education and mentorship on how I could monetize it. Now I am a LICENSED Jnr Broker in the New York state and ready to start placing myself in a position for early retirement - something that my job could never give me. I won't only get to enjoy my love of cars more and teach for fun but I will be able to pass on my Kingship, a legacy for my own young Kings thanks to the business ownership program.

. The work Rachel and the team has been doing is real and it's powerful for families.

Thank you for the opportunity Ms Nancy.


Nicole, Independent Agent
(Part-Time) & Hair Stylist

Rachel connected with me on Instagram and invited me to be part of a platform for women, dedicated to empowerment through financial literacy. I came on a couple of public calls to see if this was for me and if I could do it and I liked the atmosphere. Having a sisterhood with a joint vision for our family's future is something I really liked

the sound of.

When I heard Rachel's story it inspired me.

I believed in her mission and respected her passion for helping others.

I was the first team member to get licensed within 45 days (a record) and got paid for the training that I did.

Since then I have developed a greater passion for serving families especially based on my own story. I can't wait to see what else we achieve together

as sisters in business!


Amanda, Agent &
(Full-time) Entrepreneur

Rachel Nancy is a phenomenal mentor who has helped me immensely when it comes to getting organized about my goals. After working with Rachel,

I always feel inspired and motivated to move forward in pursuit of them. She has an infectious nurturing energy, which makes me feel comfortable with her to discuss solutions to my professional challenges. Her practical guidance, and unrivalled compassion, can help anyone who is struggling to see their own value, and can help even the most timid person flourish in pursuit of their goals.


Keisha, Independent Agent (Part-time) & Healthcare

Rachel is a great entrepreneurship mentor and coach. Speaking to her on my journey as an independent agent made me feel more confident in everything I do when it comes to growing my business.

Rachel always gives a welcoming feeling and is such a wonderful and kind-hearted woman. I'm ready to take things to the next level in my life for me and my family.

Working in Healthcare I didn't know I could become a full-time Entrepreneur.

 That is what I feel thanks to her and Queenship.

Smiling Girl

Michelle, Client

Rachel is well connected and has a wellspring of resources at her disposal ready to help you with whatever you need. She is warm, personable and very approachable. You can tell that she genuinely cares about helping you to do your best which is why I would recommend her services. Authenticity, trustworthiness and transparency is so necessary when dealing with financial matters and I believe that with her, you'd be in great hands.

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